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The Policy Collective is a cooperative technology enterprise accomplished by people, organizations, and technology acting as a group through a collective effort.

A Collective Policy Intelligence supports the application of public policy through a focus on concept and domain of content, facilitated by the use of standard metrics.  The application of public policy in this way achieves the appropriate threshold of action needed to move the organization toward compliance, maturity and desired outcomes.

Using an information management based approach to public policy analysis and regulatory compliance enhances the capacity of the public policy infrastructure to facilitate the evolution of a government organization and its role in society. This approach facilitates a higher order of complexity while maintaining harmony of operations through innovation mechanisms such as differentiation and integration, competition and collaboration.

From the existing government digital ecosystem we are building an information infrastructure that will enhance organizational agility in ways that will achieve higher levels of accuracy and assure consistency with the core intent. This living policy design offers the user a new means to confidently create logic driven, policy based tools for the organization, specific projects, and in support of the larger initiatives with which the projects are associated.

The Policy Collective is many things to many people...
What we do is support you and your regulatory efforts with our products.

We stand behind our products to support the development of superior consulting services and regulatory compliance initiatives.

We support efforts to improve government programs and information systems for all stakeholders.

We are not a consulting firm; we are a technology and data publishing company.

We do not provide policy consultants; our products help consultants and state government workers do their jobs better.

We see a world in which public policy, government programs, and the information systems that manage them are semantically linked by the concepts that created them and packaged in an intelligent design that facilitates ease of application and compliance.

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